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That moment when you bury a pitfall seed in front of your annoying villager’s house and then end up falling in it yourself and thinking ‘Nooo this hasn’t gone as planned!’ ARGH!

Happy Birthday to a man who has made me laugh with his antics, writing and snappy quips. Jeremy Clarkson is a bigger than life guy and whether you love or hate him, you can’t ignore that he’s a proper entertainer who isn’t as stupid as he’s making us believe! Here’s to you, Jezza! May your next year be filled with POWER and SPEED.

Happy Birthday to a man who has made me laugh with his antics, writing and snappy quips. Jeremy Clarkson is a bigger than life guy and whether you love or hate him, you can’t ignore that he’s a proper entertainer who isn’t as stupid as he’s making us believe! Here’s to you, Jezza! May your next year be filled with POWER and SPEED.

Apr 8

Public Service Announcement from Richard fucking Hammond: Charge your phone and music players so you don’t have to talk to people or listen to boring shit that you have not approved. Because talking to people is hard and no one likes it. That is all, loves. :3

Apr 5

Syrio has got to be alive. He’s gotta be. He’s too awesome to die.

But Eddard died! T___T

Apr 4


I did a search a while back but this time I’m going to include a bit more so I’ll put more information below so I’m not clogging up space. Things you should know, I play either gender and encourage both of us double. I like writing a couple paragraphs per character too. Anyway, read more to figure out some of the fandoms I’m interested in. Drop me an Ask and we’ll chat more. Anyone out there?

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Apr 2

Oh so very true!



Oh so very true!


Apr 1


I’ve been a fan since the beginning of S1 of Bates Motel but I’ve never mentioned it since I didn’t know if there was a fanbase or not but I have to say I don’t like Cody, nor do I like Norman trusting her over Emma. Emma is a nice girl and Cody is just trouble. Bradley being gone is still a good thing though. Btw, Officer Romero reminds me a lot of Shane from The Walking Dead.

Apr 1


Well my semester is finally over (and I kicked ass) and so I have a lot of time on my hands. I’m looking for someone to try a Top Gear RP with me, I’d prefer if you could post at least a paragraph, getting snippets doesn’t really help with progression/development. I’m fine with all canon roles (James, Sarah, Andy, Jeremy, Richard, etc) or a mix of canons and made up characters. I’m fine with MxM/FxF/MxF but I’d prefer MxF to be honest, I’d love a mix of fluff, drama, angst, but we both need to be happy and conserve about the story we’re telling and want to tell.

Too much drama or negativity will just be a bummer and make me consider dropping the story if we can’t come to a nice middle ground, a lot of my other fandoms are in dark places and while I love challenges and angst, I don’t want to hate our story to the point of depression. Having human characters doesn’t mean there’s tragedy around ever corner. I’m okay with alternate universe settings (college setting, them without kids, etc whatever). I’m just throwing this out there though I’m not expecting much since Top Gear UK fans are pretty hard to find, let alone ones who want to roleplay about it.

*crosses fingers* Come on, give me something fun, we’ll be awesome together, I promise. RP can be done over tumblr, email, skype or AIM but I’m ambivalent about email. Be willing to plot and talk about ideas we both want to try, if we’re not enjoying the story, what’s the point right? So send me an answer below or message me or send word with a raven. I’m bored and need some cuteness, crazy antics and loveable Brit boys being stupid-awesome. Suggest any pairs you’re up for, I’d love if it we could have more than one going on at the same time possibly doubling as a male and female each, who knows. I just wanna write. ^ ^ ;

Apr 1



There should be a dating tag or something so people on tumblr who share fandoms and the same humor and tastes in food can meet up and chat and try to connect offline. Nothing creepy but it would be cool to say “We met on tumblr” and then got married and had a joint married blog about fandoms and life and paying bills and how being an adult doesn’t have to be scary if you’re with your best friend/lover.

Aka: tumblr I love you, someone marry me!

Apr 1

How The Internet Got It Wrong (and the HIMYM finale totally rocked it)

If you hated the series finale of how I met your mother then I dont know what to tell you because that ending was the best way to end it.

It had laughs (that everyone is forgetting about) and it had tear-jerking moments. I enjoyed it. *shrugs* It was very honest to the point of almost being brutal but in a beautiful sort of way. <3

The end of HIMYM (spoilers)

Let me be clear, I didn’t think I’d be crying this much. I’m not a crier. But as soon as Tracy took the picture at the bar, I never stopped. Let me be clear again, I am not a shipper in this fandom which may be why I liked it. I never believed Robin and Barney would stick together so I’m glad they didn’t. Robin couldn’t let go of her career which is a shame because we never knew how happy she really was. And it took a different woman to change Barney, he had to be a father to change. It’s poetic justice. I’m so happy for Marshal’s success, he deserves it. We don’t really know much about Lily’s timeline. I loved the Mother and they actually took her away and I’m not upset about Ted and Robin being endgame because it makes it all worth it. Ted has been through so much. And the finale was so emotional and I haven’t fully processed it all but it was a fitting tribute to the fans, the script was so perfect and I know a lot of people may throw a fit about it but it works. It was just realistic and it worked for me. It made me cry and it made me laugh and smile. I’m just not ready for it to end and it already has. When can I stop crying?

Google Maps Prank - sort of

The Google Maps released a killer “trailer” to “recruit” people/trainers and though it’s only for a day or two…the ability to run around the globe catching pokemon is the best feeling in the world. I’m nearly 24 but this makes my inner child scream and cheer with tears of joy. I mean you get a pokedex to log pokemon and so far I’ve caught 30/151. But it’s just so awesome and everything I’d hope it to someday be (with future games I guess). *fangirling*


Finally finished season one of Attack on Titan. Wow. It took me a long time to make it through episode four, mostly because I stopped after three and didn’t try to continue with the series for about a month but I just marathon’d it over the past 48 hours. Is it flawless? No. But is it damn good entertainment with thought-provoking stuff? Hell yes. The graphics and music are pretty stellar as well. I was thrilled to hear Romi Paku again too. I can’t say I ship anyone per say since I’m still new to the fandom (in my mind) but if I do some roleplaying and play around with the universe and cast, I’m sure I’ll be shipping everyone with anyone and it’ll be happy and no one will die and dreams will live on…so hello SNK fandom! *waves* Maybe I’ll make some fun graphics to commemorate the occasion of me getting back into an anime/manga. <3

In others, if anyone wants to talk or RP, let me know~

The fact that Jeremy’s comment may provoke a lawsuit is ridiculous. People see racism anywhere and sure Jeremy says a lot of controversial things but I don’t think his comment was in any way racist. Why do people have to screw things up? Can’t they just sit back and enjoy the show? *eye roll*